Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI)

The Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) was formed in 1994 by Leo Powell, who has over 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry.

ACCI is Australia’s premier trade certification organisation & is a Commonwealth Government Registered Training Organisation.

ACCI was established out of a need for the carpet cleaning industry to have a certification program. Its members benefit from the training, support and standards in an otherwise unregulated industry.

What it means to us and you the customers that we are accredited with ACCI Us - We have the support of an organisation that keeps us up to date with training, new products and cleaning methods. Shared experiences throughout Australia from other ACCI members.

You the Customer - You will have the benefits of superior carpet cleaning methods. Knowing that we are a responsible company, that adheres to codes of practice set down by the ACCI. And where ever you are in Australia, that you can get in contact with the nearest ACCI accredited carpet cleaner.

ACCI - Green Pathway

Sustainable carpet cleaning is the foundation stone of Green Pathway, Australia’s first ISA 14001 green certification for the carpet cleaning industry. Green Pathway is an initiative of the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and represents a world first environmental management system for the carpet cleaning industry.

Sustainable Cleaning System Comparison with Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

  HWE Sustainable Cleaning
Water Usage High Very Low (90% less)
Waste Water High None
Noise High Extremely Los (50dB)
Air Pollution High None
Fossil fuel usage High Negligible (electric motor)
Drying time Slow 6-12 hours Fast 1-2 Hours
OHS Risk High Low

HWE relies on high fresh water usage, creates large amounts of toxic waster water that needs high energy outputs to process. Truck mounts also use high amounts of fossil fuels and creates air and noise pollution. Slow drying times can also affect the structural integrity of the carpets, particularly joins/seams. Can also affect indoor air quality. Sustainable Carpet Cleaning does not.

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